5 Miracles


But if it were I, I would appeal to God.  I would lay my cause before Him.  He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted.  -  Job 5:8-9



Miracles witnessed by Kathy Folden

First Miracle

     The first incident was suddenly hearing whistling, clapping and cheering in my head one morning right after I got up for the day.  After turning 50, getting up IS, indeed, quite a feat.  However, that wasn’t what all the fuss was about.  It scared me.  Not because I heard the sounds, but because I wasn’t sure which team was doing the cheering.  God’s team or those working against God.  I was afraid I had made a bad decision, which would have pleased God’s enemies.  The decision I made ultimately forced me back out on the road driving trucks, which is where God wanted me.  The group doing the cheering was my “cloud of witnesses”; friends and family who have gone to Heaven before me.


Second Miracle

     The 2nd incident was simply holding and praying over a baby granddaughter.  Jesus healed her jaundice, even as she rested in my arms.  Her little eyeballs turned from brown to white.  It spared her from an operation they were planning to do.   Thank you, Lord Yeshua!


Third Miracle

     The 3rd incident is incredibly fascinating and rife with possibilities!  In preparation for the Rapture, God demonstrated the process by transporting an 80,000 lb semi truck 20+ miles.  Scientific proof actually exists, or did exist for a while.  But I don’t know how long Qualcom GPS records are kept.  On 5-29-09 I was within 7 miles of a four lane highway exit, counting up the exit numbers and debating within myself which of two exits I wanted to take. 


     My delivery was in Wisconsin, driving northbound on U.S. Highway 151 toward Fond du Lac and Oshkosh.  I passed exit 154 and was looking for exit 161 or 163.  Trucking companies sometimes include directions for trucks coming in from either the north or the south.  I still had 15 minutes before the appointment time.


     I felt a little groggy and my head snapped up.  It was surprising, as I hadn’t known I was getting sleepy.  It was unusual, as there are normally some warning signs when a driver starts getting in need of fresh air or a nap.


     I noticed a sign for the road I had just used to cross central Wisconsin.  It seemed to answer a question I had earlier about whether there was a shortcut through some hills I had gone around.  I made a mental note to use it if I was later routed back the way I had come.  Then I noticed a highway sign which said “South” Hwy 151.  That meant I was now southbound, not northbound.


     My mind went flying, trying to understand how I could have made such a stupid mistake.  I hadn't gotten off at any exits, yet.  Then I remembered I had been counting up the exit numbers.  They had been increasing; proof I had indeed been northbound.



      It took me 20 more minutes to turn around from going southbound and get northbound again back to the delivery location.  I was five minutes late instead of 15 minutes early.



      I believe God was demonstrating we don't need to fear the Rapture or how it will affect us.   We will feel a little groggy and our heads will snap up.  Then we will look around in surprised wonder, delighting in the sights before our very eyes!!! 




  Fourth Miracle

     The fourth incident happened 4-2-11.  It was not a big Wow! event, but miraculous, nevertheless.

     I was fueling the 80,000 lb baby.  With fuel prices so high in California, the trucking companies really monitor and control the amount of fuel we can buy there.  I was to only put in 55 gallons, just enough to get me to the yard, where I was to drop the trailer for relay. 


     The truck was almost on the last tick of the fuel gauge.  Coming down from Portland, OR I hadn’t been sure at the start of the morning if I had enough fuel to make it to the fuel stop.  55 gallons wouldn’t last me very long.


     The fuel island pump wasn’t working and I had to go inside to get them to start it.  When the handle kept clicking off, I thought it was merely another malfunction.  The driver’s side tank was full to just below the neck. 


     There are two tanks on semis.  They have a 70-90 gallon tank on each side.  One on the driver’s side and one on the passenger side. 


     Since the driver’s side tank was full, I wondered if the passenger side had clicked off and I hadn’t heard it.  The fuel pump gauge said only 52 gallons had been pumped out.  So I walked around to the passenger side and tried to restart the flow of fuel, but it clicked off.  Then I lifted out the nozzle and looked inside the tank.  I could see fuel 2-3 inches below the neck of the opening.  That is virtually full. 


     I thought, “What in the world?”  Walking back around to the driver’s side I pulled the nozzle out and looked down inside.  There was the shine of the fuel 2-3 inches below the neck of the opening.  Fueling from being that low usually takes between 140-180 gallons, depending on the size of the tanks to bring them to this point where the tanks are 95% full.  There I stood, still needing 3 gallons to reach 55 gallons, yet both tanks appeared almost full.  Something wasn’t adding up.


     Walking back to the passenger side, I put 3 more gallons in there and hung up the hoses.  (You can do that by manually holding the nozzle up out of the fuel.  There is still room for 20 more gallons after the hoses click off.)  I parked the truck and went inside for a shower. 


     When I picked up my fuel receipt, they had only charged me for 55 gallons.  When I started up the truck after the shower, the gauge read only a little over 1/4th of a tank full (which is what it should have read if only 55 gallons had been added).


     For the next stage of driving, I pondered my full/quarter full tanks.  Miracles have a purpose.  There was meaning to be had there.  My conclusion is:  the appearance of fullness is comparable to the American people thinking they have money, investments, etc. and savings/retirement accounts.  But since they are remaining silent in response to end-time events, to protect their full bounty, it will be reduced and taken away from them soon.  Most likely this will be when the U.S. dollar is devaluated 50-70%, as discussed on the Tru-News Rick Wiles show.


     On my website, I have been posting the daily verses God has trained me to get each day. 


   April 2, 2011 the verse was Ezekiel 21:7  Because of the news that is coming, every heart will melt and every hand go limp, every spirit will become as weak as water.  It is coming.  It will surely take place.


     [There is more news than just the news of the devaluation of the dollar.  All the end-time events will have this same effect.] 




5th Miracle


A 5th Miracle, similar to the 4th occured in California, northbound on I-5.  The I-5 corridor is 799 miles of mostly agriculture.  Watching and seeing agricultural activity is nothing new along the entire length, except the greater Los Angeles area.


On this day, one of several tractors plowing up the ground caught my attention.  There was something wrong with what I was watching. 


The tractor was moving in one direction, but behind it the ground was being put back to an unplowed condition.  It was as if the tractor was facing the right direction but achieving the wrong results.


I couldn't believe my eyes and had to keep staring and staring.  But the movement never changed and it never went back to normal. 


My conclusion is the same conclusion I reached for miracle four:  the appearance fully plowed fields being covered back up is comparable to the American people thinking they have money, investments, etc. and savings/retirement accounts.  But since they are remaining silent in response to end-time events, to protect their full bounty, it is being reduced and taken away from them (unplowed).