astana, Kahzakistan

                           illuminati Capital City

                 A completely new build by a man named narzarbayev,

                                 likely a mason, with money from oil.



                        Location of illuminati capital city - astana, Kahzakistan




                              Boulevard & entrance gates to the city.

                             See bayterek tower framed in the gates




                         bayterek tower as seen from inside the gates



                                   Masonic symbolism

                        black & white duality checkerboard

                            boaz & joakim pillars of baal

                                       all seeing eye

                                   pyramids & sphynx

                                        sun & moon

              square & compass representing male & female


                    bayterek tower - seen framed in the entrance gates.                 

                               This represents the satanic tree of life. 

                         [satan always has to try to take over anything

                                     of God and make it his own. 

                              The Bible speaks of the tree of life

                                     in the Book of Revelation.

                    It's leaves will be for the healing of the nations.]    

                           The top represents the sun as an egg,

                            laid by the bird of happiness, samruk



         bayterek tower layout as seen in the daylight & from above




  View from the top of bayterek tower        Pedestal has a triangle with 

                                                          owner narzarbayev's hand imprint.


     Possible predictive programming from the movie total recall. - 1990




2nd element in the top of the bayterek tower 

Globe of the earth with signatures of 17 countries

     signing on to the one world religion.



  Flags of countries accepting astana.



   pyramid divided into 3 following pythagorus.

                  Bottom level represents the inferior, living in darkness. 

                                            The unilluminated.

          It has a sun element in the roof.

The sun element is the table in the middle level and the roof of the lower level.

        The middle level of the pyramid represents the superior.

        This is where the leaders of the nations meet 

        to advance the formation of the one world government.

            It is also called the new world order or globalism.


                one man's opinion about what this represents.  He authored the article as Final Game



       The apex of the pyramid represents the supreme.

   It has the representation of the sun god.  (or possibly a phoenix).

       The side windows of the apex have doves representing peace.



one man's opinion about what this represents.  He authored the article as Final Game












  Celebrating the 911 world trade center towers destruction.

            Diagonal beam cuts denote planned demolition.



 marvel comics    diagonal beam cut - linear cut charge    super mario bros

predictive 1983                           9-11-1                          predictive 1993




                             world's biggest tent

                            copying tabernacles

                       10 football stadiums in size                                     

                      entertainment, shopping, etc.




    presidential palace         presidential palace closer




                                                                                     2017 world's fair




                      What will it do to a country spending three months

                           in a self-agrandizing, God rejecting village?