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Invisibility Technology Demonstration

November 20th, 2017 at 7:42 pm


            This is a woman walking toward you.


     The technology is completed and being used already by the U.S.

This is how JADE HELM operates without being detected and builds information files on local citizens.

     You are in trouble, Montana, America and the world.

     I can tell you how to detect a soldier or spy but I can't tell you how to stop them from sending more and more or who they answer to:   

  •      The technology has flaws associated with fast movement.  The leading edge of the leg and upper foot show a flashing grid pattern similar to sheet lighting.  It is whitish/yellowish in color.  
  •      The head and chest area, due to breathing movement, show as a swirling circle about the size of a nerf basketball.


     And nobody wants to be laughed at or believe someone who talks about it.  So we are all to be 'crazy' soon.



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