CERN and baal Arch Portals


    baal arches:  Original           London                 Jonathan Cahn             NYC

                                                          Manhattan City Park


                     Next on the agenda; near CERN.  

Cern portal near Apollyon (ancient name) France:  


      "The town and temple were dedicated to apollyon."

                              The Destroyer


 The name of the (dark) angel of the abyss is abaddon, and in Greek it is 


                             Revelation 9:11



  Saint Genis Pouily France - Location of LHC (Large Hadron Collider) CERN

                European Organization for Nuclear Research

    Portals to open our earth to satan and his demons.

                            Portals = Points of Light  

 They plan to build over 1000 in cities across the earth. 


            See HW Bush's NWO speech referencing 1000 points of light.







               Cern Particle Beam                   Demon 1          Demon 2           Demon 3

              Demons found in the CERN particle beam snapshot at left.



    Demon 4              Demon 5                Demon 6           Demon 7        Demon 8 

  Demons found in the CERN particle beam snapshot above.





    Cern 666 Logo       Oscars Cern decorating                Rihanna           Hollywood Oscars  

                              Cern Source for decorating     Fashion coordinated          CERN    


NatarajaObama Shiva The Destroyer! - YouTube

                         Newsweek cover of obama in a sheva pose.


    September 2015 Convergence: Is There Any Connection Between These World Events? ยป The Event ...

                  CERN 666 logo - sheva the destroyer god