Don't Be Afraid

What We Can Do

It's Time To Do A Nehemiah - Start pulling hair and work with a weapon in one hand and a tool in the other.  Work where God has planted you and start with whatever is bothering you the most. 


     Don't fear what you hear happening in the Middle East.  We are all tired of strife in the Middle East.    God said these are the beginning of birthing pains.  His Kingdom on Earth is about to be born. 

     He is bringing the surrounding nations up against Israel so He can destroy them.  

     Fear what comes afterward.  These events will clear the way for antichrist to rise to power.  The one-world government will be formed.  3 of it's members will give their power to rule to antichrist.  With most Middle Eastern men out of the picture, antichrist will finally be able to negotiate the peace deals which will allow the 3rd temple to be built.

     Go out and feed God's sheep with information provided on What In Heaven Is Going On pages.   

     The harvest is bountiful, but the workers are few.

     At harvest time do workers obey the command of the invader to go home, sit down, relax and pray and let the enemy gather the harvest bounty? 

     Or, do harvest workers sharpen their tools, put on their gloves and arrange for food and water to be brought to the fields?

     Worship God constantly, with songs and praise.  Whenever you hear a song on the radio, lift your voice to Heaven.  Imagine if an earthly chorus greeted Lord Yeshua (Jesus) when He arrives.

     The women need to step down, and let God's men of Justice step back to the helm.  The grace skills of women are suited to the nesting environment, the home.  The emphasis on compromise and consensus building is appropriate among family groups and community.  These same skills are counter to protecting and preserving our country.

     Women are great at getting out the word about what is happening.

     Now that we have been eroded, invaded, taken over, and steered along the path of destruction, God's men of Justice are needed to step in, analyse and implement course corrections, restructuring and defense.

     Men and women both need to turn their hearts toward their children.  Kingdom Men can snatch children from the devil's hand, with the help of Lord Yeshua.  These things will be hard and women must allow some hard things to be done.  I'm not advocating abuse, just the restoration of righteousness, justice, value of descendants as the only thing that leaves earth with you and your genuine, valuing love for them. 

     satan needs to be purged out of our schools, media, sports and entertainment industries.  Men need to clean up their own acts, restore honor, truth and actually love and respect themselves and their family memebers.  Listen to the helpmete advisor God gave you, but remove the overweening emotionalism women wallow in.  Listen to them but weigh it up and eliminate what should not be weighed in the balance.

     These are all only temporary stop-gap measures.  We will crumble, fall and be crushed under the weight of the world if we don't beg and entreat the Only One with the strength and wisdom to step in to rule.  Come Lord Yeshua, come and don't delay!