Moses                    Possible Moses Young                 Moses on         HP Hat-Moses

                 Eyes Enhanced                                                                                    High Priests Hat

                     Moon Image                                                              Moon Image       Moon Image





                              Egyptian stelle telling of the Exodus of Israel.




           Exodus Route                Red Sea Crossing Site               British/Israeli chart

                                                                                          underwater land bridge



"For there was [on each side] a [ridge of] mountains that terminated at the sea,

which were impassable by reason of their roughness, and obstructed their flight."  

                        Antiquities of the Jews, Bk 2, 15-3 - Josephus




                                       5 miles long Nuweiba Beach.

                     Where the Israelites gathered and were trapped

                    between the sea, mountains and Pharaoh's army.




Artist's concept of Israelites crossing the parted Red Sea.



         Egyptian look-out post.                 Horses hoof found in gulf-shrank when dried



 Wheels & axle superimposed     Egyptian chariot wheels under coral in the Red Sea.

            for visualization.                                                                    



    Overlay for visualization.

   Chariot wheels in the Gulf of Aqaba - Coral doesn't attach to gold.

             Exodus 14:25  He caused their chariot wheels to fall off,

                     so that they drove them with difficulty.  

             The Egyptians said, “Let us flee from the face of Israel,

               for The Lord fights for them against the Egyptians.”



                            Egyptian chariot wheels under coral in the Red Sea.



   Ron Wyatt and his son's originally found two pillars set up by Solomon to

mark the crossing site.  One on each side of the gulf.  The pillar on the egyptian

side had fallen over and was eroded.  The pillar on the saudi side had these

words:  Yahweh, Pharaoh, Mizraim, Moses, Death, Water, Solomon, Edom.

When the saudis found out about the one on their side, they removed it,

so now there is only one remaining pillar.




         Nuwayba' al Muzayyinah means . . . "Waters of Moses Opening"


              Nuwayba' al Muzayyinah means . . . "Waters of Moses Opening"




Dr. David Kim was a personal physician to Saudi royalty for many years, giving him 

     access to Mt. Sinai, Rock of Horeb and encampment areas others have risked

                                 imprisonment and/or death to explore.

         Red Sea Crossing Contour Map.          Red Sea Crossing Contour Map.  Aerial conception.

          Underwater land bridge formed by sediment washing into the gulf from opposite drainages.

           Since the area gets so little precipitation, the volumes of water needed to move that much

                              sediment so far probably occured during the flood of Noah's day.






                   Elim where there were 12 springs and seventy palm trees.




                    Arab guard shack with fencing.




         Woman trying to take pictures of the golden calf altar through the Arab guard fence.


  This video is a must see.  Dr. David Kim made 12 visits to the Mt. Sinai Site.  

                                    His discoveries are beyond price.



Tree growing between two boulders could have been the burning bush. 

                         Area experts say smaller trees than this one

                are over 2000 years old.  It's the only tree in the area. 

                              Remember 1/2" of rain over 10 years.)


                   Carvings on golden calf altar.



                 (circle marks a cursor pointer)              Artist concept of God 

                                                                                                              on Mt. Sinai



                  Burned top of Mount Sinai where God came down to earth. 

   Before google earth removed the image, you could see the burned area. 

                                   It was an eliptical shape.


                                    Exodus 19:18

                       Mount Sinai was covered with smoke,

                    because the Lord descended on it in fire.

        The smoke billowed up from it like smoke from a furnace,

                 and the whole mountain trembled violently.




Blackened rocks at the                Burned top.-Through the clouds.      Dividing line between 

   top of Mt Sinai.                                                                                           blackened rock

Black only on the surface.                                                                    and regular color of the rock.




       V-shaped altar pens for the animal sacrifices with 12 pillars set up in front of it. 

            Middle image of altar as seen from top of Mt. Sinai at sunrise.



                            Pillar segments. 

These rounds were stacked on top of each other to form pillars.                                  

Exodus 24:4  He got up early the next morning and built an altar

    at the foot of the mountain and set up twelve stone pillars 

                 representing the twelve tribes of Israel.



                      The Israelites set down some stones in the                 

                            form of a footprint to commemorate: 

                          1)  God setting foot on earth?

                          2)  Or, marking a sole of their feet

                                     big enough for God to

                               see they were claiming the land?




Deuteronomy 11:24 

Every place on which the sole of your foot treads shall be yours. 

Your territory shall be from the wilderness to Lebanon
and from the River, the river Euphrates, to the western sea.


      Another chariot pictograph.                 Menorah - Israelite Camp



                                     Pictograph of a chariot.



 More rock pictographs in the camp area.      Oldest known Menorah on golden calf altar.



       Camp tent rings - Mt. Sinai camp.       Camp tent rings - Mt. Sinai camp - aerial view.




                   Torah scrolls carved in the earth at the Mt. Sinai camp.


            Dr. Kim's very impressive artifact collection found at Mount Sinai.       



                                Artist's conception.                          Pool of water

                                       Horeb rock flowing water.                 forming below rock.



       Size demonstrations of Horeb rock.                   It is 4 stories high.  

        (circle marks a cursor pointer) 



                  Horeb water erosion.                                 Horeb water erosion.


      Mount Horeb side view.  It would have flowed into the valley below. 

                                           Beautiful view.




             Mount Horeb water          Smoothing as seen      More rock smoothing 

              smoothed granite.        from inside Horeb rock.     below Horeb rock.

           Annual rainfall in the                      

         region 1/2" in 10 years. 



   Jim and Penny Caldwell also explored the region before access crackdowns.

                              Jim worked for an oil company. 

             They camped & explored as any new visitors would.           





          Looking inside the Elijah cave.                 Turning around and seeing view from inside Elijah cave.

               15' high...20' deep                             Stunning view.  Our Lord yeshua.  Master Artist.