God's Truckers

Hi! and WELCOME to this site! 

My name is Kathy Folden. 

This is my salute to God's highly valued,

loved and honored truckers. 

He has set you aside for His very own. 


You are invited to consider and make your final decision. 

Christ or the devil.  "No thanks" is not one of the choices.

Will you spend eternity with many regrets,

reviewing the deeply rutted reruns of your life?

Or will you spend eternity living in an incredible golden city,

ruling beside Christ, gazing at the earth from slightly above it?

If you want to belong to Lord Yeshua (Jesus), say,


     "Lord Yeshua, I'm sorry for my sins.  Help me to stop and

           live the life you have personally designed for me. 

I accept God's plans to save me.  

Thank you for all you went through to buy me back

and pay for my sins. 

I want a personal relationship with you. 

Please come and live in me."  Amen


If you accepted Lord Yeshua as your Saviour, Welcome to the family of God! 

The Bride and the Spirit of God say Welcome!


Even in cursing the earth and through the process of refining us,

God (In any and all of His 3 forms) 

just can't help His generous and eternally giving nature

(look at flowers if you don't believe me). 


When you accept Lord Yeshua and God's plan of salvation,

you receive a bonus gift. 

You will be receiving a new name, created especially for you

by Lord Yeshua, known only to Him, for now, 

and delivered to you later on a white stone. 


Trucker Endurance
God Sees, He Knows, He Loves…Seek His Face.
God sees all that you have to do. 
He knows what you have to go through to do it.
He loves, honors and respects you for doing it anyway.
God sees all the long lonely miles.
The long lonely nights.
Poor food, or no food, too much food or
eating it on the run and tasting it later.
Relationship problems related to home-time. 
Strained relations with wives,
girlfriends, husbands, boyfriends, children.
Not enough sleep, too much sleep or interrupted sleep. 
Sleeping in your clothes.
Not enough parking places.
Everybody wants to fine you or blame you.
Frozen fingers, toes, knee caps.
Slippery roads.
Low visibility.
Construction zones.
Deadline pressure.
Salt and road grime coating truck and trailer,
then when it dries, it’s thrown up into
the truck and inhaled, causing coughs and irritating sinus’.
Dry, scratchy eyes and skin, especially on your back.
God sees shippers and receivers treating drivers badly;
ignoring, speaking rudely, demanding bribes,
overcharging and abusing your time.
Having to sprint to restrooms, if there even are any nearby,
only to find “Sorry for any inconvenience,
we are closed for cleaning” or repairs.
Things don’t work right –
phones, computers, toilets, gas pumps, trucks.
Trouble getting paid.
Headlight, mirror and sunlight glare.
Somebody backing into your truck or taking off a mirror.
Crooked trailers – tandems won’t slide,
pins won’t pop out or doors won’t close.
The Company Terminals, that are supposed to be a “safe harbor”,
greet drivers with more do’s and don’ts, signs and hassles.
Then something finally goes right and there is no one to share it with.
God sees all these and more. His ears and arms are always open.
God is separating you unto Himself. How He loves His truckers!
 Seek God’s face today.
(Get to know Him, learn about Him, talk to Him constantly).