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Faithful Witness Seminar

1-2 hour seminar in Kalispell, MT

Time: By Arrangement

Faithful Witness-Part 1 Brandings
Faithful Witness-Part 2 Biblical Characters
Faithful Witness-Part 3 Idols demons
Faithful Witness-Part 7 Modern Public Figures

The Faithful Witness Series is a 9 Part DVD Series about the Man In The Moon being Christs crucifixion face. The moon is Gods art gallery. Many images appearing on the moon match the Shroud of Turin.

Parts 1,2 & 7 will be shown at the seminar, approx. 45 minutes, with discussion ...



Christian Speaker

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If you would like me to come speak at your event, I would be happy to introduce them to God's Art Gallery, Earth's Moon.

$2 000.00