satan Rules American Businesses

Kalispell and Montana National Businesses or Employees Fallen to satan?

Do you know what your national company's Christian religion policies are?  



God/Heaven and satan/hell are package deals.

Reject God = reject heaven.

Accept satan or refuse to accept God = accept hell.



Any business or entity featured on this page is welcome to comment.  

If there is no profanity, disrespect of me or God in the comment,

I will post it in your section.



Every time I get in a position to watch TV, there are less and less shows I can watch.  satanism follows us around in our daily activities.  Even Kalispell and the Flathead Valley are drenched in it.

I switched from Verizon to T-mobile because of the spying on my texts and calls.  When the T-mobile packaging arrived there was an image of a female flashing the baphomet (satanic goat of mendes) hand signal.  (Looks like hook-em horns)

T-mobile baphomet hand signal

T-mobile, do you know what you are doing?



A Missoula truck stop McDonald's employee was wearing a baphomet necklace.  When I asked her if she knew what it meant, she nodded her head and said, "yes, I do," I refused to give her my order and left the building.


Baphomet = satan      Missoula Pilot Truck Stop - Town Pump Red and Blue - Kalispell 

Town Pump Do you know what you are doing?



Kalispell S. City Brew employees, two young male employees, flashed each other the baphomet (satan) hand signal.  

One was sitting at an outside table reading a paper and the other was coming to work.

City Brew, do you agree with what your employees are doing?



Daily Interlake Ad & Article

All three photos have local High School Grad making the same hand signal.

 I think its a hidden modified 666


Daily Inter Lake, you refuse to run my ads, do you know what you are doing?

Promoting 'safe space for gays' - Top #1 spot in the paper.  

Is your owner Hagadone the one who placed statues of demons [It's not art] 

on the roadways near Coeur d' Alene Resort?



Flathead County Sheriff's vehicles have pentagrams on their badges and the side of their vehicles.

 (Upside down star.  This also represents the baphomet or goat of mendes - satan.)


Flathead County Sheriff's Department, do you know what you are doing?



Locals with law enforcement ties who were notified about JADE HELM SOLDIER activity in the Flathead Valley, Montana.

[Owners and regional manager of the Kalispell Outlaw Inn where some JADE HELM soldiers are living in the 3rd floor hallway:  

Wife, Cinthia Rice was notified verbally in August 2016.  The husband/corporation was notified in writing 9-21-16.  They were indifferent to the safety of their guests, employees, myself and the greater Flathead Valley community.  Instead, they came after my lighted Christian Cross displayed in an exterior window, threatened me with early eviction, stole the cross out of my shop and damaged it when I refused to take it down and then denied lease renewal.

 (I suspect they know about the soldiers and support loss of U.S. Sovereignty.) 



Former Flathead Co. Sheriff's Deputy & potential Sheriff candidate Calvin Beringer was notified 1-27-17  

Calvin Beringer

Gave him a 40 minute deposition.  He said it would take 3 weeks to conduct his investigation.  At the end of 3 weeks I contacted him for a status report.  No response.

 When I saw him at walmart later in the year he stopped dead in his tracks and turned away.  No contact as of 11-28-17.



Kalispell School Board of Trustees was notified at a special session meeting  8-18-17  


                  Mark Flatau           Detective Cory Clark

    Superintendent Of Schools   KPD - School Liason

    I arrived 50 minutes late.  Most meetings start at 6:00 p.m. but because it was a special meeting it had started at 5:00 so they gave audience members a chance to speak.  I hadn't intended to jump in yet, I was only there to observe, but since the topic was security I asked if anyone there was aware there were JADE HELM soldiers operating in the Kalispell area.  The man running the meeting and his assistant both became aggressive, sarcastic and challenging.  The leader even stood up and leaned toward me in attempted intimidation. (I suspect they know about the soldiers and support loss of U.S. Sovereignty.)  They pushed me off onto the Kalispell PD rep,, Cory Clarke, who had been giving the safety briefing.  He led me out of the room.  I spoke with him for 20-30 minutes and gave him a packet on 8/23/17.  No response yet for a status request on 8/31/17.

Update:  On 9-5-17 I found a cellphone and hollowpoint 45 bullet at Woodland Park.  I turned it in to Detective Cory Clarke along with a letter asking him to search the cellphone for files being built about local community members.  Although he had not responded to my 1st status request, I received a response this same day.  He stated he has turned over the case to homeland security, but doesn't know if they will keep him updated.



Columbia Falls, Whitefish and Kalispell Police Departments  8-23-17

Hand delivered manila envelopes with letter and JADE HELM drawings  Columbia Falls Officer was tall, thin, young and could hardly stand to listen to me.  Whitefish Detective Ericksen was polite, took the manila envelope, but was on his way to meet someone.  Said he would contact me if he had any questions after reviewing the information.  No contact as of 9-25-17.



Kalispell Marines - Retired  (If you can't go to the Marines about a military matter, who can you go to?}

Sean Reynolds - back row 3rd from right

A Kalispell Marines group was having a picnic at Lone Pine Sunday, 8-27-17   After their picnic I approached them to see if I could speak to their group about JADE HELM soldiers.  Sean Reynolds said he didn't even know what they were.  He said he would call me later.  I will let you know if I ever hear from him or their group.

 Nothing as of 11-28-17.



FVCC Office of Veterans

Notified about JADE HELM activity in the Flathead Valley Week of 12-18-17




Several of America's medal's of valor are comprised of this upside down star, representing the baphomet or goat of mendes, satan.

United States Government - Remember where you came from and Who gave this country to you.



Horace (son of ISIS and Osiris) worship, single eye.

Kalispell Walmart ad for childrens eyewear shows a young girl making the all seeing eye gesture.

Think 6 as in 666.  Think 6 inside a pyramid of power.


           Walmart Think 6       Walmart Think 6       Kalispell

           Inside a pyramid                                    All seeing eye


Walmart, you DO know what you are doing!!!

Might want to rethink.



"...unless those being manipulated take a side that will advance the pre-determined agenda."

Hegelian Red vs Blue


              Super 1                    Med North                        U.S. Bank                    Hotel Grande



     76 station                           Carquest Auto Parts                      CHS                   Evergreen Burger King



    K-mart                     Fairbridge - Outlaw Inn        Farmers Insurance (several)        FVCC               



Hampton Inn                          KFC                                  Liberty Tax                          Motel 6



                 Postal Annex                     Pet Smart                       Re/Max                     Sherwin-Williams



Sears                                 Zip Trip

Maybe you just think you are being patriotic?  I hope you know what you are doing?

 Red vs Blue




Kalispell Center Mall displaying red, blue and purple for red wedding (murder to come into power) and purple reign (royal reign - not Yeshua but satan).

Kalispell Center Mall do you know what you are doing?



Big Sky Sunglasses 

lightning bolts

Kalispell Center Mall




Kessia - Lightning Bolts

Kalispell Center Mall



Buckle - Lightning Bolt

Kalispell Center Mall


Lightning Bolts

Kalispell Center Mall




Obey Propaganda - Mind Control Conditioning

Kalispell Center Mall


'Down with my demons.'  Enslaved/Chains

'Down with' means ok with or approving


Kalispell Center Mall



Lightning Bolts

Montana Coffee Traders

Are you aware of the connection between lucifer and lightning bolts?

"I saw lucifer falling like lightning from the sky" - Christ



Signature Theatres, do you know what you are doing?




McDonalds Corporate Executives, sack and Ronald McDonald showing baphomet hand signals.

U.S. 2 McDonalds red wedding, purple reign.

U.S. 2 McDonalds do you know what you are doing?




Herbergers displaying 8 of its signs surrounding Kalispell Center Mall.  

There will likely be a 9th sign for the back as well after the construction in the back is completed.

The Herbergers logo is made up of a flower with 6 six sided petals.  The center of the flower also forms a 6 sided shape.

When they get the final sign installed, that will be 3 sets of 666.

Herbergers, do you know what you are doing?



Note the 6 petals...6

Yoga Room do you know what you are doing?

Internet blurb - there is no interview with 'Beth'



                          hindu goddess - shakti                                               yoga - 666


          Kalispell Christian Yoga - How does "Christian yoga' work? 

                            Did you bring shakti to repentence?

                                  You are playing with fire!



stupid things for hands

astarte, ashtarte, ashtoreth

Starbucks, you DO Definately know what you are doing!!!




These 4 images are all the same image.  The first two look like a demon head and arms from the street.

Was that intentional Hockaday Museum?  

Is 'art' promotion for displaying and promoting satan and his demons?



two boys kissing - book



Kalispell Imagine If County Library - Prominently promoted up front at first table.

Harvey Milk book - "Harvey Milk and the Rainbow Flag"


Harvey Milk was elected to congress and the obama administration planned to have a Ship named after him.





Photographing the photographers       evolution-con                     4 books on evolution-con

     Kalispell Imagine If Library       Kalispell Imagine If Library    Kalispell Imagine If Library



long ages needed for evolution       icons of evolution           interlibrary search county-wide   

Kalispell Imagine If Library       Kalispell Imagine If Library  for Walt Brown's Hydroplate theory 

                                                                                            only found 2 pro-creationism   

Against God theories actively featured and promoted.        Kalispell Imagine If Library




              NW Montana Fair                       FVCC Office of Globalism          FVCC foyer art

       FVCC Promoting Globalism                                                             baphomet hand signal



    ancient wisdom and sacred sects                    witches & witchcraft     

These 4 books were prominently displayed

on a halloween display on the way to the

               FVCC library exit.         



       a treasury of witchcraft                     witch craze



Kalispell Home Goods - Buddha


Ross Dress For Less - Buddha



1st day      -      2nd day

TJ Maxx - Buddhas



                  TJ Maxx - Buddha     TJ Maxx Yoga (goddess Shakti) shopping bags



TJ Maxx - Buddhas



Info (item not displayed in Kalispell)

Note strong resemblance to illuminati baphomet hand signal.


Info (item not displayed in Kalispell)

Note strong resemblance to illuminati 666 hand signal.



TJ Maxx Suitcases - All Seeing Eye

One of the meanings of the name of Yeshua in Hebrew glyph is

"He who defeats the organization of the eye." 

Please, yes please.




Toggery goes baphomet?  Toggery, do you know what you are doing?




Coming to the Hutton Ranch plaza.  Opening soon.

Get 'em while they're young.

Making the demonic normal and mainstream.  Conditioning.





Black Anchor Coffee by Woodland Park



LensCrafters - All Seeing Eye

Kalispell Center Mall 



Moore Hearing

All seeing eye

Kalispell - Libby - Polson




Montana dragonboat festival - Kalispell  (Cancelled due to wildfire air quality 2017)

Remember and consider who you are lifting up, dragonboat festival.  

Picture yourself standing before Lord Yeshua when you do.




             rose boutique, etc              psychic - 1117 S. Main, Kalispell, MT        same psychic co. at  

                                                                                                                   906 9th Stree West,     

                                                                                                                   Columbia Falls, MT 


Following the lead of the Fairbridge Outlaw Inn, who hosted an entire group of satan's followers, opening the door wide, Kalispell turns farther into darkness and the pursuit of darkness. 

A new business has opened it's doors in Kalispell and Columbia Falls for tarot & angel card readings, reichi energy & healing, palm reading, psychic medium, astrology, past life regression at rose boutique etc, 1117 S. Main in Kalispell, MT and at 906 9th St. W., Columbia Falls, MT.  This is all satan misleadings.  Let the buyer say they only purchase boxes with something in them.  satan offers only emptiness, lies and deceipt. - November 2017

September 2017,  The Outlaw Inn continues to show their true colors by hosting an Awaken Heart & Soul Fair.  Venues opening pathways to satan are areas of danger & concern:  Tarot Readings, Spiritual Readings & Mediumship;  Intuitives; Aura; Psychic; Spiritual Guided Soul Therapy; Angel Readings; Astrological Readings; Generational healing through your ancesters (familiar spirits - usually demons); Know your spirit connection; 

Deut. 18:9-14  “When you come into the land that the Lord your God is giving you, you shall not learn to follow the abominable practices of those nations. There shall not be found among you anyone who burns his son or his daughter as an offering, anyone who practices divination or tells fortunes or interprets omens, or a sorcerer or a charmer or a medium or a necromancer or one who inquires of the dead, for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord.   And because of these abominations the Lord your God is driving them out before you.   You shall be blameless before the Lord your God, for these nations, which you are about to dispossess, listen to fortune-tellers and to diviners.  But as for you, the Lord your God has not allowed you to do this

Malachi 3:5  "So I will come near to you for judgment.  I will be quick to testify against sorcerers, adulterers and perjeurers, against those who defraud laborers of their wages, who oppress the widows and the fatherless and deprive aliens of justice, but do not hold me in respectful awe," says The Lord Almighty.

Unfortunately, they will probably have a successful business venture here in satan's fertile soil.nocrying



Four Evergreen marijuana dispensaries.  awesome blossom, mammaz enterprises, green haus, flower

Do you marijuana pushers know what you are doing?  Can you say, ''Tis the season', Pottersville?   



Bill Gates knows what you are doing.  Mind if he & his smart pill join you?



                 huxley - dictatorships without tears                                    

       painless concentration camps for entire societies


   huxley - all seeing eye



American Pickers has Mike flashing baphomet hand signals.



Discovery Channel's Gold Rush has Parker's crew naming their new machine "Sluicifer".



Kalispell Super 8 coffee cup quotes "Wizard Wyzdom #373, 'Go get 'em this morning with coffee and a side of rewards.'  @WyndhamWyzard



Dell Commercial:  Man in a white suit with a blue glove inside his suit.  Hidden hand.




Farmers insurance shows man in a painting making the pyramid of power sign.  

At the end of the commercial, the man being fitted for the suit also makes the pyramid of power symbol.



TV guide:  CSI actor Michael Weatherly interview has him speaking about channeling his Tony DiNozzo character into Bull.


Sci-Fi movie Bull: CSI actor Michael Weatherly regarding jury selection:  

(Discussed in article) Making sign of pyramid of power (deliberately misnamed as steepling fingers) called

                                                    "sign of a leader."



HGTV Flip or Flop series:  

Breaks up marriage of Torak & Christina.

 She gets a 5-6 hour special..  

Suspect another soul selling deal.



A commercial for HGTV shows a man sitting in a beach chair at the ocean flashing a baphomet (satan) hand signal.



HGTV Fixer-upper Chip and Joanna Gaines.  Joanna is billed as a Christian at the beginning of the series following the flap of HGTV cancelling the episodes and contract of Christian brothers Jason and David Benham.  Chip mentions Jayzee (admitted illuminati) and how he is reminded by a living room roof feature of aliens (coming alien deception).  Chip is now taking over the show while Joanna is going off to market her line of anti-aging cosmetics.  (Suspect another soul selling deal by Chip.)(Waiting to see about Joanna.)



Food sold in Montana with lysol, poison control center advisories or diarrhea producing ingredients.

Banquet chicken fried steak dinners.  Lysol or pinesol like product/taste between the breading and the meat.  Cumulative poison.

McCain Foods early risers.  Lysol or pinesol like product/taste between the breading and the inside ingredients.  Cumulative poison.

Lucky Charms  TSP-Trisodium Phosphate, poison control center advises calling poison control if TSP is ingested.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch  TSP-Trisodium Phosphate, poison control center advises calling poison control if TSP is ingested.

Eckrich Smoked Sausage    Causes 3-4 hour delayed violent diarrhea

Chef Boyardee ravioli    Causes violent diarrhea

V--------- Spaghetti sauce     Causes violent diarrhea, some of it a clear marble shape?!    

(I have to go back to the store to get the name of the sauce.  Will post.)  

(The store had removed the sauce from the shelves.  8/31)