Shroud of Turin


    The Shroud of Turin

   Front                         Back

 A long linen tablecloth folded in half and wrapped around

     the body of Christ while it was laid in the tomb. 

 When life returned to the body, some type of energy

      event created images on the linen table cloth.

  The first photograph taken of The Shroud revealed

              The Shroud was like a negative.               

                   The negative photo plate

      produced a positive image like a real man.         


First photograph of the Shroud of Turin taken by Secondo Pia   


  Secondo Pia's original plate     Secondo Pia's original camera         

             The negative that produced a positive.                          



     My favorite image of Lord Yeshua    Secondo Pia's original plate                                      

                             The negative that produced a positive.






                                        Greek = Jesus


                                     Hebrew = Yeshua


         Lord Yeshua, Ha' Mashiach


 Notice the nail still in Lord Yeshua's wrist.             

                       I suspect He will be wearing it there, 

         along with His scars, during the entire 1000 year reign.



              The other two nails were found in High Priest caiaphus' ossuary:  




              Scratches on tip of nose.

         3D Models made from information found on The Shroud.


                                             Front and back of The Shroud




"The muscles of the body are absolutely not crushed against the stone of the tomb. 

        What does that mean?  It means there is absolutely no gravity."

                      Dame Isabel Piczek - Particle Physicist

         [As if floating between the two sheets, as in an envelope.]


Related image

Stick laid across The Lord's Chin.

      There was an oval object suspended from the stick.

    Writing on the oval object translates as

    Small Livestock = Lamb = Lamb of God



Turin Shroud Hologram Reveals The Words "The Lamb"




 Scourge marks on The Shroud of Turin     roman flagellum held agains The Shroud-match


                          Roman flagrum-leather whip.                                   Roman flagrum-metal 

                             with metal on the ends                                        or sometimes bone tips.

                                  Jewish law limited the number of strokes to 40.

                    The number of strokes with the flagrum whip were limited because

                             they tore and shreded the skin so badly it could kill men.

                       But the Romans thought they were the law and ignored limits.



            Sudarium of Oveado                   Sudarium overlay on Shroud

              Linen table napkin                                      Match

 Placed over the dead face of Christ.    The Sudarium has a well documented

                                                       history and proves the Shroud is true.



                     Top 2 images show the clasp on the Shroud                           

Bottom two images are examples of clasps of that time.



                   Real human hand                            Negative image.  

                   held in possition                           See the fingernail 

            of Shroud image on right.                 (dark on a negative)



                 Shroud Isodensity Enhancement

                  Stevenson and Habermas 1981






                  22)  Blood and water, wound flow 

         21) Nail in wrist      



                   Also shows stick.



              This institute presents the following information.


           Crown of thorns front and back.



                    Identified by pollen as condalia tuniforte 




   Artist rendering.  Shroud Images.    Shroud Images.

                       Pendant swinging from Crown of Thorns

                     The energy burst captured multiple images

                    of movement, like a sports strobe sequence.





                    callison - Egyptian clothing.                  snakeskin (python) belt 

                                                                                                   diverted bloodflow sideways.


                           callison or schenti



          satan knew how repulsive this humiliation would be to The Lord.




        Arm and hand movement strobe action captured.

                       This is a video about the information which was

                              found using Photogrametric Restitution.

                          Mano sinister and mano destra refers to the

                                     direction the hand/arm is bent.

                                       The hand rotated 90 degrees. 

                           In death it lay flat against the thigh.  As life

                      re-entered the body, the hand rotated 90 degrees

                       into the arm swinging beside the body position. 

                             Or, in readiness to start unwrapping and

                                      removing the linen wrappings.




                    Corner patch that was carbon dated.                 Patch Close-up

                              Obvious difference in color.




                    Patch Close-up                Expert fiber splice close-up

                                                                     from Shroud



            Rapid aging as produced by energy burst event.




Hebrew Tefillin (Prayer Boxes)      Only worn by men.          Wearing illustration.

             Tefillin, also called phylacteries, are a set of small black leather boxes containing

                              scrolls of parchment inscribed with verses from the Torah.


                              Shroud Tefillin straps wound around arm.

         Tefillin straps.



        The energy burst captured multiple images of movement, 

                              like a sports strobe sequence.


                   This is the original.  It's movement capture is shown above.



                                                   Chains on Thigh

                          chains on back of thigh




                          chains on back of thigh




                          Another strobe of hand movement.




       Rivet in center of forehead/nose bridge area.




                 Ron Wyatt Panorama                     Ron Wyatt Panorama

                  Signs & Blood Trail                               Blood Trail

                                                             Notch in cliff for seating a cross.



        Blood trail leading from the cross to      Ron Wyatt version of The Ark

 The Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant



Yeshua's Blood Cells Discovered:  Living, 24 Chromosomes




    Golgotha - The Skull                       eye, eye, nose



          An average human's blood has 46 Chromosomes - 23 from Mom + 23 from Dad

         Lord Yeshua's blood has 24 Chromosomes - 23 from Mom + 1 'Y' from Father God

                 Some females have been found to have 23 chromosomes, but no males.

                      A male must have that 'Y' Chromosome donation from the Father.

                      This video clip is only about the testing

                           of the Ark blood below the cross.                 


              Video about the first testing of Lord Yeshua's blood in Ron Wyatt home.

                             17,000 times magnification by micron microscope.



        The Shroud of Turin in Ancient Art



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