To all of you readers who have purchased boxes from satan's concession stands labeled  "Don't Try To Set Dates and Times":  The devil would like to thank you for being such good customers and making his commercial ads so successful in getting you to believe.
       The devil would also like to thank all those eager beavers from the past who made false predictions before Israel became a nation, before the Bible had been preached to 98% or more of the world, before the Third Temple was ready to be built, and before the false prophet and antichrist had arrived on the scene.  It helped the devil tremendously.
       It is deeply comforting to know the worldly conventional wisdom is a swelling chorus..."Don't set a Date".  Conventional Wisdom is ALWAYS wrong.  It is most especially so when it is the religious hierarchy that is leading the way.  Who did Jesus argue with more? 
       "It is not given to man to know the day or the hour our Lord will come."  However, we are told Jesus doesn't want us to be ignorant.  We are to always be ready and to WATCH!   We are allowed to know the season.  Learn this lesson from the fig tree.  When its twigs get tender and leaves come out, you know that His return in near. 
     The ending is not hard and fast or God would have told us.  The Lord never brings judgment without first offering a chance for repentance.  Taking into account the trap the Lord has set for Mystery Babylon and all the dirty fingerprints of the other 3 end-time players at the crime scene, it looks to me as if we have a dual ending to this story book.  "Choose this day whom you will serve."  For the 2 years 2008 and 2009, God had the culprits all neatly trussed up and exposed.  It was refreshed again in 2016.  We know who they are and what they are up to.
     We can choose...which ending do we want?  We could choose wisely and correctly, and choose Jesus unconditionally, and not have to be taught by disaster (tribulation).  We could decide that this Kingdom does belong to Lord Yeshua and set ourselves to resist the devil and force him to flee.  "If this were My Kingdom, My servants would fight to prevent..."
       God promises if we will seek Him out, He will show us wonders and reveal great mysteries.  All you have to do is ask.  (Don't try to make bargains or deals.  That is an insult.)
       There is one generation from the time Israel became a nation in 1948.  "This generation will not pass before all these things are completed."
       Generation marks in the Bible are 20, 40, 60, 70, 100 and 120 years.  With the close of 2008, we eliminated the first three.  We can also eliminate the 100 and 120 year marks.  The trees will have dropped their leaves and fruit by then.  It will not take an extra 30-50 years to complete the spread of the gospel to 2% of the world, build the temple, complete the falling away, etc.
       Now we look at the 70 year mark. 
       The first 1000 years after creation was the "Day of Man".  The last 1000 years will be the "Day of the Lord", the Millennial Reign of Christ.
       But, Adam died when he was only 930 years old.  He is still owed 70 years.  The 70 years linking the beginning to the end.  The 70 years from when Israel became a nation.  God's time-clock resumed ticking after the time of the gentiles.
       70 years from 1948 is 2018.
       7 years before that is the tribulation period.  2018-7=2011.
       God works in elegant simplicity.  He made such a big deal about the Exodus for a great reason.  He grew and gathered a chosen people for himself.  Near prophecy was the Nation of Israel.  Far prophecy was the Bride of Christ. 
       Passover (Usually sometime in mid April) was when the Israelites were to commemorate the Exodus.  One month later is when the Gentile's are allowed to celebrate it.  The middle of May, (Near May 14) one month after Passover.  
Theories and watchpoints:  
  •  Feast Days - Have to do with the 2nd coming.  God said the Feast Days were set up as a "burden and reproach" to the Israelites.  The Rapture is for selection, harvest and reward.  
  • Update 2017 - Between Messianic Rabbis Jonathan Cahn and Mark Biltz there have been many more pieces falling into place in God's End Times puzzle.  [satan on his side of the chessboard has inserted more doubt by Mark Biltz making illuminati hand symbols.]  All I can do is post this and ask that you WATCH!  
  • The four spring feast days were dress rehearsal's for the first coming of Christ.  He fulfilled them in order but not all in the same year.  
  • The last three feasts of the year are in the fall and are dress rehearsals for the second coming of Christ.  The Feast of Trumpets is one of the possible days for the rapture.  In 2018 it falls on one of the 'long days' of the 10-11 or 11-12 of September, Israel time.  We are 9 hours behind Israel.  So it could occur in the United States on 9-10 thru 9-12-18.
  •  Because satan knows both The Lord's followers and The Lord Himself detest pagan contamination, he erected an ugly mud wall in an attempt to keep out God's people and change the times and seasons.  satan bent true astronomy, where the sun, moon and stars were set in the heavens to govern and for 'signs and seasons' to now be astrology for smelly, fake and false nonsense.  It's been my experience most of God's people won't look where God has placed His signs simply because of satan's ugly mud wall. 
  • However, the pagan contamination of satan doesn't override God's purposes, designs or timing.  
  • The Feast of Trumpets is set for the first day of the new moon, which is totally blacked out.  Israel always planned it within two days and called it a 'long day' as it had to be observed and declared by two witnesses.  This caused uncertainty and is why it was refered to as 'no man knew the day or the hour'.  The Bible uses this phrase when talking about the rapture.  No man knows 'the day or the hour.'  This phrase was used in a second way in Israel when an arranged marriage took place.  Even if the groom had a pretty close idea when His preparations were nearly completed.  He would defer to His father, as the contract originator and say 'only the father knows the day and the hour'.  It is also the first day of the secular year in Israel.  Tishri 1, the first day of the 7th month, or 9-21-17.  
  • Mark Biltz says the fall feasts have to be fulfilled in order but not necessarily in the same year.  The Feast of Trumpets is the first of the fall feasts. 2017 included the last of 3 solar events:  The blood moon tetrad, a solar eclipse pertaining to judgment on the nations and two days after the Feast of Trumpets on 9/21, there was a Revelation 12 sign in the heavens 9/23 of the woman clothed in the sun with the moon at her feet with a crown of twelve stars on her head.  (See the Give God Love blog.)
  • I don't know who was the originator, but several people have pointed out the completion of the 2016-2017 Jubilee (50 years) marks the 120th Jubilee since Adam, 70th Jubilee since Abraham or Moses (depending on who you listen to) or the 40th Jubilee since Lord Yeshua.  This encompasses the generation marks of 40, 70 and 120.  70 is again highlighted as it is framed by the other two dates.  God's stew is certainly coming to a full rolling boil.  If nothing else, it will be an exceedingly interesting show.  (120x50=6000)  (70x50=2000)  Make sure you have repented of your sins, formed a close personal relationship with God through prayer and are in good standing with God and then WATCH!!!
     There is great significance in the selection of May 14 for the rebirth of the Nation Israel. “Can a nation be born in a single day?” A bride can be born in a single day, fully grown! Is this The Day?  May 14?  It is certainly the season.  Will you wake up?
          When my sister heard about May 14th, she wanted it to be May 13th because that is her birthday.  If God's time-clock is set on Israeli time, that could actually be the date the Rapture would occur in the U.S.  We really, truly DO NOT KNOW the Day or the Hour.

After May 14th, 2011
         The answer God gave to me a week later:  May 20, 2011  Jeremiah 17:16  I have not run away from being your shepherd. 
You know I have not desired the Day of Despair.  
He might be answering the prayers of the early watchmen on the walls for more time for unsaved world members.  It could also be a good sign God's people were strong.  Psalm 90:10  We live about 70 years or, if we are strong80 years.
In the meantime, we draw ever closer to the War of Gog and Magog.  God continues to destroy the pastures of the false shepherds by bringing fines (tornados, floods and severe weather) because we have allowed those who rule over us to pressure Israel to give up more land for peace and divide Jerusalem.