Who Might The Antichrist Be?

          The man I believe to be the antichrist is the man the Dark Prince of this earth has given the largest share of this world's wealth, and then doubled it.

          The man who is a self-confessed (witnessed by me) mass murderer, and yet faces no investigation or charges.  All mention was wiped off the Internet.  People applauded him while he was still on stage following his confession.

          The man who is a "former" follower of Malthus, or a Malthusian, who believes in controlling the population to save the world from "useless eaters".

          The man whose father was a former head of planned parenthood. 

          The man who owns and controls the world's computer systems.

          The man who authored a book entitled, "Business at the Speed of Thought".

          A man who started out small in size and was bullied at school.

          A man who is not listed as a Bilderberg member (his wife is), yet has the power to not only call a meeting, but choose who he wants to attend and exclude the rest.  Bill and Hillary Clinton plus Barack Obama obeyed him and all showed up.

          The man whose reputation was so badly damaged, he created a tax sheltered Foundation whereby he only looses 5% of its wealth yearly, yet he can work toward vaccine population controls and benefits from repaired public perception of benevolence.  (Called the most expensive PR Campaign ever waged).

          The man who stands behind Glenn Beck in some manner and is frequently mentioned by Glenn Beck.  (Possibly George Soros is becoming too much of a power threat, or possible interference?)


 Update 11-28-2017    Watchmen alert:  david rockefeller was advertised to have passed away 3-20-2017.  I am staying on alert for any possible whistleblower info, etc.  Both rockefeller and gates are interested in transhumanism (combining man with machines).  The rockefeller institute was strongly involved in this research and now gates has inherited its leadership.

rockefeller could have entered into a transhuman state.  

If gates is in control of the mechanisms which keep rockefeller functioning, he would be in power over rockefeller.  

A reappearance on the world stage by rockefeller could happen, but it would ultimately be gates in control.  And rockefeller has the capability to call down fire from heaven, as demonstrated by the directed energy round holes in world trade center buildings.  (To see images, go to 'Sold Their Souls' this website.

Around the time of the 2016 Presidential election, the Israeli Sanhedrin (ruling rabbis) announced they have identified the messiah. This false messiah turns out to the antichrist.

The Sanhedrin announced the messiah would soon be making himself known and called for all Jews to return to Israel.

City infrastructure is being repaired and a 'light rail' mass transit system is implemented with expansion plans ready.

(See 'antichrist watch and Israel' - this website)



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