Scientific Evidence Matches Young Universe

Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.” - Albert Einstein



Psalm 19:1-4 The heavens declare the glory of God. The skies proclaim the work of His hands. Day after day they pour forth speech. Night after night they display knowledge. There is no speech or language where their voice is not heard (AND UNDERSTOOD). -- Bible




Dr. Walt Brown (MIT) - In the Beginning         

Hydroplate theory explained and illustrated by Dr. Brown.



Simplified Summation of Dr. Walt Brown’s (MIT) Theory of the Great Flood of Noah’s Day

By Kathy Folden


                                     Fountains of the Great Deep Erupting           Specimen Ridge - Yellowstone

Hydroplate Theory
Ø Water was stored below the earth’s crust. (Fountains of the great deep.) 
Ø Ebb and Flow of Tidal movement, twice a day up until the flood occurred, heated the water through pressure. (Tick.....Tock!     Tick.....Tock! )
Ø Heated and pressurized water finally erupted upward, out through the seams of the great, resultant, oceanic trenches. 
Ø When the water erupted, it had such force it threw great chunks of earth’s crust into space. These were asteroids, meteors and comets being launched into their orbits.  Water has been found on asteroids.
Ø The launching of those great chunks of earth into space displaced a lot of water from the oceans high enough into the sky to have it freeze quickly. 
Ø This frozen water fell back to the earth and covered and rapidly froze tropical foliage, mammoth herds, etc. Even fresh-water lakes were frozen in isolated pockets, separated from the salt water oceans at our poles.
Ø The lifting up of the edges of the trenches sent the earth’s crust sliding away from the lifted areas. Like skin on a pudding (saturated with water), the crusts slid into more resistant crusts on the continents, skidded to a halt, folded and formed mountains.
Ø As each section of crust was pushed up and away from the earth, sediment from the broken-off earth, such as gravel, sand and clay was pushed outward until it came to rest. The same sediments were pushed out all along the ridge. When they came to rest they separated out and formed layers, heaviest on the bottom and lightest on the top, like 3 layers of Jello. Some sediments from farther along the ridge would arrive later than sediments closer to a point where they were all deposited. That’s how repeated layers could occur. e.g. layers of red separated by other layers then more layers of red, etc.
Ø Sediment Ridge – Yellowstone National Park is a beautifully exposed laboratory, repeated by Mount St. Helens, Spirit Lake deposits. It shows how sediments were deposited rapidly by catastrophe, not slowly over long periods of time. It shows how trees stripped of branches and roots were turned upside down and surrounded by sediment. They didn’t grow upside down, in place, as evolutionists tried to have us believe, but were moved there by the floodwaters.


Chinese Symbol For Boat

8 people in a vessel = Noah + 3 Sons + 4 Wives



Image result for stretchy dinosaur tissue    Dinosaur Soft Tissue


Dinosaur blood vessels, complete with red blood cell.  The world just isn’t that old!



The hardest substance on earth proves the Bible is true. 

The 14C is there, quite simply, because it hasn’t had time to decay yet. The world just isn’t that old!  

Interestingly, the data have since been refined and updated to give a date of 5,680 (± 2,000) years.



Minerals Have Too Much Helium


The shiny black specks in granite are mica. Within mica are natural zircon crystals, only a few microns in size. Helium quickly diffuses out of zircon.

If the granite is millions of years old, as commonly believed, all the helium should be gone.  (Helium is the slipperiest gas known to man.)

However, measurements indicate that much of the helium still remains. Either the diffusion rate of the helium is not uniform, the zircon crystals are younger than believed, or both. Helium in granite is evidence that the earth is thousands of years old, not millions.                                                                                                                     



Excerpts from the book “Taking Back Astronomy” by Dr. Jason Lisle
Tidal activity causing moon to recede from the earth (800 ft per 6000 years): 
          “So this “spiraling away” of the moon is not a problem over the biblical time scale of 6,000 years, but if the earth and moon were over 4,000,000,000 years old (as big-bang supporters teach), then we would have big problems. This is because the moon would have been so close that it would actually have been touching the earth less than 1.5 billion years ago.”
Earth’s Magnetic Field:
          “Since the earth’s magnetic field gets weaker as time moves forward, it must have been considerably stronger in the past. Approximately 6,000 years ago, the magnetic field would have been quite a lot stronger, but still perfectly suitable for life. 
However, if the earth were many millions of years old, then the geomagnetic field would have been so strong in that alleged distant past, that life would not have been possible.” 
Magnetic Fields of the Planets:
          Dr. Russ Humphreys, (a Ph.D. physicist and biblical creationist) has produced a model of planetary magnetic fields which can explain their present strengths in terms of biblical creation. In essence, the model estimates the initial strength of each magnetic field at the moment of its creation, then the model computes their present strengths based on 6,000 years of decay from electrical resistance.  Impressively, this biblically based model is able to account for the present measured magnetic fields of all the known planets and even many of the moons as well.
          Of course, almost any model can be “adjusted” to fit existing data, so it is perhaps even more impressive that Dr. Humphreys’ model successfully predicted the present magnetic field strengths of the planets Uranus and Neptune before they were measured by the Voyager spacecraft. Specific, successful predictions are the mark of a good scientific model. Dr. Humphreys also predicted that Mars would have remant (permanent) magnetism, which has now been confirmed.
Spiral Galaxies:
          Secular astronomers have proposed “spiral density waves” to create new spiral arms as old ones become twisted beyond recognition. The idea is that waves of pressure travel around the galaxy and stimulate new star growth. Of course, such waves have not been observed, so the idea remains a conjecture. Furthermore, the spiral density wave notion assumes that stars can form spontaneously. Although virtually all secular astronomers assume this, star formation has significant problems of its own. Furthermore, there are difficulties in starting any supposed density wave in the first place. Such complications are not necessary if we accept the most straight forward interpretation of the evidence: galaxies are not billions of years old.
          A comet’s tail (or tails) is an indication that comets cannot last forever. The tail means that the comet is losing material; a comet gets smaller every time it orbits the sun. It has been estimated that a typical comet can only orbit the sun for about 100,000 years at most before completely running out of material. (This is an average figure, of course; the exact life span would depend on how big the comet is to begin with, and the parameters of its orbit.) Since we still have a lot of comets, this suggests that the solar system is much younger than 100,000 years. This agrees perfectly with the Bible. Clearly, 4.5 billion years would be an absurdly inflated age for comets.   
Hale-Bopp Comet



ICR - Institute For Creation Research

Our solar system appears to be near the center of the universe. Galaxies look the same, and are moving away from us in the same way, in all directions.  The cosmic microwave background radiation comes to us very uniformly from all directions. These and other data strongly indicate we are located at a very special location by design.


     To those who value the biblical data, the frequent mention of "dragons" is of interest, as is the lengthy descriptions of "behemoth" and "leviathan" in the book of Job, written soon after the great Flood. God is the speaker in the narrative that describes behemoth in Chapter 40 as being of enormous size, with bones like iron and a tail like a cedar tree. The leviathan in Chapter 41 has terrible teeth, scaly skin, and the ability to breathe fire.  Surely the evidence is clear--dinosaurs and humans lived at the same time, just as it says back in Genesis! -


 A fossil fish called a Coelacanth has been found by archaeologists in the fossil record, and which evolutionists once claimed died out millions of years ago. To their embarrassed astonishment, one was caught in a fishing net in deep water in 1938 off the east coast of Africa, and since then many more have been caught off the coast of the Comoros Islands. Thought by evolutionists to have evolved legs from fins and to have eventually crawled out of the ocean to become land reptiles, they have not evolved in the slightest, and they today appear exactly as they do in the fossil record. Incidentally, this is in perfect accord with the theory of creation. - Dinos and Man


     Fossilized grasshoppers and seastars found entombed in the same layer as Archaarcheopteryx (an extinct bird) are virtually identical to modern varieties. -


     The design of living things has always been a huge problem for evolutionists. Even the simplest single-cell organism is unimaginably complex, with scores of highly sophisticated parts, all performing important functions and all mutually interdependent. The laws of statistics have convinced all who have bothered to calculate the odds that even something as basic as a protein molecule could never arise by chance, consisting as it does of a chain of hundreds of precisely arranged amino acids.

 And such a protein molecule is trivial compared to any of the working parts of a cell. When it is recognized that all of these parts must be present and functioning at the start, it must be admitted that life is impossible without an Intelligent Designer. Actually, every living thing gives such strong evidence for design that only willfully ignoring the data (2 Peter 3:5) could lead one to assign such intricacy to chance and natural selection. Every living thing, from simple bacteria to people, possesses the marvelous DNA code, which contains a library full of precise information, and without which life is impossible.

The Laminin Cross is a protein that holds the body together. 

Laminin Cross


     The evidence for creation is so strong, it is illogical to believe anything else. Only a religious commitment to atheism, or a desire for the approval of those atheists who call themselves scholars, could lead one down this path. The Bible says that those who deny creation are “without excuse” (Romans 1:20).



Neanderthal Features in Modern People

     Evidence of advanced communication and construction skills continues to challenge primitive portrayals of earlier peoples. One study found Stone Age carvings in a South African cave. The “270 fragments of intentionally marked ostrich eggshell” containers were made by people with “social, cultural, and cognitive underpinnings that overlap with those of modern people.”  Nearby people make and decorate eggshell carriers in the same manner to this day. 


     Bones cut by a stone knife have been dated to a time before mankind had supposedly evolved to make tools.  Ancient humans even performed surgery, complete with antiseptics and anesthesia!  They made colorful jewelry out of seashells, prompting Discovery News to state, “Even Neanderthals knew how to accessorize.”



     And the first completed Neanderthal genome “showed us things completely unexpected by evolutionary theory. First, Neanderthal was fully human. Second, he is related to people living in Eurasia today. Third, Neanderthals interbred with modern humans.” This matches skeletal remains that were part modern, part Neanderthal, found in Iberia.

     Each “caveman” discovery lines up with God’s record on the matter. Of course Neanderthals ate grains and made jewelry and complicated tools—they were fully human beings recently created in the image of God.  -